Iokasti Ioannou

2008/13 State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, DE

Diploma 2013

Her work is founded on language. Firstly comes the analysis of an impelling word or phrase, and through a lengthy process of interpretative orientation, eventually a visual concept takes shape. The initial stimulus can come from a particular citation, some theoretical fragment or other notable selection of textual matter. Often, the text is chosen with regard to an underlying metaphysical notion, widely linguistically transcribed. During this course of events, the artist's research readily manifest into visualization. The question of the subject and his subjectivity – whether in theoretical or in the affective domain – remains in the foreground. All her works strongly reflect purposeful intention and question causality. The works intensively probe: the how and by what mechanisms of communication, so to speak; as well as, the what, why, and who.
The text's poetical or interpretative ambiguity is visually rendered, by means of being reconstructed: in short film loops, as sculptural objects, in photographs or collage. Forms arising from quotes, words, the subsequent thought-process, question the aesthetic or mirror the underlying textual sentiment.

Vivien Sigmund